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domini meaning in English

Dominica [Dominicae] noun
(1st) F

Sunday, the Lord's day noun

dominicale [dominicalis] noun
(3rd) N

small linen closet in which the faithful received Holy Communion noun

dominicalis [dominicalis, dominicale] adjective

divine (Latham) adjective

of Sunday (Lord's day) adjective

of the Lord adjective

Dominicanus [Dominicana, Dominicanum] adjective

Dominican adjective

of Dominican order/Black Friars/nuns adjective

Dominicanus [Dominicani] noun
(2nd) M

Dominican, Black Friar noun

dominicum [dominici] noun
(2nd) N

church with all its possessions noun

Dominicus [Dominici] noun
(2nd) C

Sunday, the Lord's day (assumed dies) noun

Dominicus [Dominici] noun
(2nd) M

Dominic noun

St Dominic, Domingo de Guzman 1170-1221, founder of Dominicans noun

dominicus [dominica, dominicum] adjective

belonging to the Roman Emperor adjective

of/belonging to master/owner adjective

the Lord's adjective

dominium [dominii] noun
(2nd) N

banquet, feast noun

ownership noun

rule, dominion noun

praedominium [praedominii] noun
(2nd) N

pre-eminence noun

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