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dictus meaning in English

dictus [dictus] noun
(4th) M

command noun

speaking, saying (action) noun

speech noun

word (Ecc) noun

dico [dicere, dixi, dictus] verb

allege, declare positively verb

appoint, fix/set (date) verb

assert verb

designate, declare intention of giving verb

dico verb

make speech verb

mean verb

play (instrument) verb

plead (case) verb

pronounce, articulate verb

say, declare, state verb

utter verb

abdico [abdicere, abdixi, abdictus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

be against, reject verb

forbid by unfavorable omen verb

withhold (someone's right) verb

addictus [addicti] noun
(2nd) M

person enslaved for debt or theft noun

addictus [addicta -um, addictior -or -us, addictissimus -a -um] adjective

bent upon adjective

bound (to do something) adjective

debt) slave (of adjective

devoted/addicted (to) adjective

addico [addicere, addixi, addictus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

adjudge, sentence, doom verb

award, assign verb

be propitious verb

confiscate verb

enslave verb

archidictus [archidicta, archidictum] adjective

extremely eloquent adjective

benedictus [benedicti] noun
(2nd) M

an approved/praised person, spoken well of noun

blessed/blest one noun

benedictus [benedicta, benedictum] adjective

approved/praised/spoken well of (person) adjective

blessed adjective

blest adjective

benedico [benedicere, benedixi, benedictus] verb

bless verb

praise verb

speak kindly of (classically 2 words) verb

speak well of verb

condico [condicere, condixi, condictus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

agree (on), declare/promise verb


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