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corona meaning in English

corona [coronae] noun
(1st) F

circle of men/troops noun

crown noun

garland, wreath noun

halo/ring noun

coronalis [coronalis, coronale] adjective

of/associated with a wreath/garland/crown adjective

coronamen [coronaminis] noun
(3rd) N

wreathing/crowning (L+S) noun

wreaths collectively, garlandry noun

coronamentum [coronamenti] noun
(2nd) N

flowers (pl.) for making garlands noun

garland/crown itself (L+S) noun

coronaria [coronariae] noun
(1st) F

woman who makes/sells garlands/wreaths noun

coronarius [coronaria, coronarium] adjective

connected with/used for crowns/garlands/wreaths or the manufacture adjective

of cornice adjective

coronarius [coronarii] noun
(2nd) M

maker/seller of garlands/wreaths/crowns noun

coronatio [coronationis] noun
(3rd) F

coronation noun

coronator [coronatoris] noun
(3rd) M

crowner noun

coronatus [coronata, coronatum] adjective

garlanded, adorned with wreaths adjective

of persons/animals/buildings adjective

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