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consum meaning in English

consum [conesse, confui, confuturus] verb

be, happen verb

be together/with, coexist verb

consummabilis [consummabilis, consummabile] adjective

perfectible, capable of being perfected/completed adjective

consummatio [consummationis] noun
(3rd) F

accumulation, process/result of addition noun

acme/zenith noun

consummation noun

perfection noun

purpose noun

total/sum noun

|final result, conclusion, completion, achievement noun

consummator [consummatoris] noun
(3rd) M

completer, finisher noun

consummatus [consummata -um, consummatior -or -us, consummatissimus -a -um] adjective

complete, perfect, nothing lacking adjective

perfect/consummate (people) adjective

consummo [consummare, consummavi, consummatus] verb

add/reckon/total/sum/make up verb

be grown verb

bring about, achieve/accomplish verb

finish off, end verb

put finishing/crowning touch verb

serve one's time verb

|bring to perfection verb

consumo [consumere, consumpsi, consumptus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

annul verb

burn up, destroy/kill verb

extinguish (right) verb

put end to verb

reduce/wear away verb

spend verb

squander/waste verb

|devour/swallow up/consume/eat/use up/exhaust/expend verb

consumptibilis [consumptibilis, consumptibile] adjective

consumable adjective

that can be consumed/destroyed adjective

transient adjective

consumptio [consumptionis] noun
(3rd) F

consumption, process of consuming or wearing away noun

employing, use noun

wasting noun

consumptivus [consumptiva, consumptivum] adjective

of consumption (economy) adjective

consumptor [consumptoris] noun
(3rd) M

consumer, one who consumes noun

destroyer noun

spendthrift, waster noun

consumptrix [consumptricis] noun
(3rd) F

she who consumes/wastes, consumer noun

spendthrift noun

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