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aequalis meaning in English

aequalis [aequale, aequalior -or -us, aequalissimus -a -um] adjective

equal, similar adjective

of the same age/generation/duration adjective

uniform, level, flat adjective

aequalis [aequalis] noun
(3rd) C

comrade noun

equivalent noun

person of one's age/rank/ability, contemporary noun

coaequalis [coaequalis, coaequale] adjective

be of equal/same age adjective

having same age as adjective

coaequalis [coaequalis] noun
(3rd) M

comrade/companion of same age (L+S) noun

one of same age, contemporary noun

inaequalis [inaequale, inaequalior -or -us, inaequalissimus -a -um] adjective

irregular (shape) adjective

not smooth/level (surface) adjective

patchy/variable adjective

unequal adjective

uneven adjective

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