Hungarian-English dictionary » unalmas meaning in English

unalmas melléknév

bald adjective
[UK: bɔːld] [US: ˈbɒld]

boring adjective
[UK: ˈbɔːr.ɪŋ] [US: ˈbɔːr.ɪŋ]

cut and dried adjective
[UK: kʌt ənd draɪd] [US: ˈkət ænd ˈdraɪd]

dedalian adjective
[UK: dedˈeɪliən] [US: dedˈeɪliən]

ditch-water adjective
[UK: dɪtʃ ˈwɔː.tə(r)] [US: ˈdɪtʃ ˈwɒ.tər]


dry adjective
[UK: draɪ] [US: ˈdraɪ]

dry as dust adjective
[UK: draɪ əz dʌst] [US: ˈdraɪ ˈæz ˈdəst]

dryasdust adjective
[UK: ˈdraɪəz.dʌst] [US: ˈdraɪəz.dʌst]

dull adjective
[UK: dʌl] [US: ˈdəl]

dusty adjective
[UK: ˈdʌ.sti] [US: ˈdʌ.sti]

flat adjective
[UK: flæt] [US: ˈflæt]

grotty (grottier, grottiest) adjective
[UK: ˈɡrɒ.ti ˈɡrɒ.tɪə(r) ˈɡrɒ.tɪɪst] [US: ˈɡrɒ.ti ˈɡrɒ.tɪər ˈɡrɒ.tɪɪst]

heavy adjective
[UK: ˈ] [US: ˈ]

ho-hum adjective
[UK: həʊ hʌm] [US: ˈhoʊ ˈhəm]

insipid adjective
[UK: ɪn.ˈsɪ.pɪd] [US: ɪn.ˈsɪ.pɪd]

jejune adjective
[UK: dʒɪ.ˈdʒuːn] [US: dʒɪ.ˈdʒuːn]

languid adjective
[UK: ˈlæŋ.ɡwɪd] [US: ˈlæŋ.ɡwəd]

lean adjective
[UK: liːn] [US: ˈliːn]

matter-of-fact adjective
[UK: ˈmæ.tə(r) əv fækt] [US: ˈmæ.tər əv ˈfækt]

milk-and-water adjective
[UK: mɪlk ənd ˈwɔː.tə(r)] [US: ˈmɪlk ænd ˈwɒ.tər]

muzzy adjective
[UK: ˈmʌ.zi] [US: ˈmʌ.zi]

palled adjective
[UK: pɔːld] [US: pɔːld]

pokey adjective
[UK: ˈpoki] [US: ˈpoki]

poky adjective
[UK: ˈpəʊk.i] [US: ˈpoʊk.i]

prosaic adjective
[UK: prə.ˈzeɪɪk] [US: proˈzeɪɪk]

prosaical adjective
[UK: prəsˈeɪɪkəl] [US: prəsˈeɪɪkəl]

proser adjective
[UK: ˈprəʊzə ] [US: ˈproʊzər ]

prosy adjective
[UK: ˈprəʊ.zi] [US: ˈproʊ.zi]

repetitious adjective
[UK: ˌre.pɪ.ˈtɪ.ʃəs] [US: ˌre.pə.ˈtɪ.ʃəs]

slow adjective
[UK: sləʊ] [US: sˈloʊ]

stale adjective
[UK: steɪl] [US: ˈsteɪl]

tame adjective
[UK: teɪm] [US: ˈteɪm]

tedious adjective
[UK: ˈtiː.dɪəs] [US: ˈtiː.diəs]

tired adjective
[UK: ˈtaɪəd] [US: ˈtaɪərd]

tiresome adjective
[UK: ˈtaɪə.səm] [US: ˈtaɪər.səm]

tiring adjective
[UK: ˈtaɪər.ɪŋ] [US: ˈtaɪr.ɪŋ]

trivial adjective
[UK: ˈtrɪ.vɪəl] [US: ˈtrɪ.viəl]

trying adjective
[UK: ˈtraɪ.ɪŋ] [US: ˈtraɪ.ɪŋ]

unamusing adjective
[UK: ˌʌnəˈmjuːzɪŋ ] [US: ʌnəmˈjuzɪŋ ]


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