Hungarian-English dictionary » nyugodt meaning in English

nyugodt melléknév

calm◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: kɑːm] [US: ˈkɑːm]

quiet◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ˈkwaɪət] [US: ˈkwaɪət]

comfortable◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈkʌmf.təb.l̩] [US: ˈkʌm.fər.təb.l̩]

composed◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: kəm.ˈpəʊzd] [US: kəmˈpoʊzd]

cool◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: kuːl] [US: ˈkuːl]

peaceful◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈpiː.sfəl] [US: ˈpiː.sfəl]

placid◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈplæs.ɪd] [US: ˈplæs.ɪd]

relaxed◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: rɪ.ˈlækst] [US: rə.ˈlækst]

serene◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: sɪ.ˈriːn] [US: sə.ˈriːn]

still◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: stɪl] [US: ˈstɪl]

tranquil◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈtræŋ.kwɪl] [US: ˈtræŋ.kwəl]

good-tempered◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ɡʊd ˈtem.pəd] [US: ˈɡʊd ˈtem.pərd]

imperturbable◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˌɪm.pə.ˈtɜː.bəb.l̩] [US: ˌɪm.pə.ˈtɝː.bəb.l̩]

level◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈlev.l̩] [US: ˈlev.l̩]

moderate◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈmɒ.də.reɪt] [US: ˈmɑː.də.rət]

orderly◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈɔː.də.li] [US: ˈɔːr.də]

quiescent◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: kwaɪ.ˈesnt] [US: kwaˈje.sənt]

reassured◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˌriːə.ˈʃʊəd] [US: ˌriə.ˈʃʊrd]

secure◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: sɪ.ˈkjʊə(r)] [US: sɪ.ˈkjʊr]

sedate◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: sɪ.ˈdeɪt] [US: sə.ˈdeɪt]

smooth◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: smuːð] [US: ˈsmuːð]

soft◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: sɒft] [US: ˈsɑːft]

unperturbed◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˌʌn.pə.ˈtɜːbd] [US: ˌʌn.pər.ˈtɝːbd]

unruffled◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ʌn.ˈrʌf.l̩d] [US: ʌn.ˈrəf.l̩d]

untroubled◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ʌn.ˈtrʌb.l̩d] [US: ʌn.ˈtrəb.l̩d]

airless adjective
[UK: ˈeə.ləs] [US: ˈer.ləs]

at rest adjective
[UK: ət rest] [US: ət ˈrest]

be at ease adjective
[UK: bi ət iːz] [US: bi ət ˈiːz]

calmy adjective
[UK: kˈɑːmi] [US: kˈɑːmi]

disimpassioned adjective
[UK: dɪsˈɪmpaʃənd] [US: dɪsˈɪmpæʃənd]

douce adjective
[UK: duːs] [US: duːs]

feel at ease adjective
[UK: fiːl ət iːz] [US: ˈfiːl ət ˈiːz]

leisurely adjective
[UK: ˈle.ʒə.li] [US: ˈliː.zə]

level-headed adjective
[UK: ˈlev.l̩ ˈhe.dɪd] [US: ˈlev.l̩ ˈhe.dəd]

piacid adjective
[UK: pˈaɪəsˌɪd] [US: pˈaɪəsˌɪd]

placable adjective
[UK: ˈplækəbl] [US: ˈplæk.ʌ.bəl]

reposeful adjective
[UK: rɪ.ˈpəʊz.fəl] [US: rɪˈpo.ʊz.fəl]

resignful adjective
[UK: rɪˈzaɪnf(ə)l ] [US: rɪˈzaɪnf(ə)l ]

self-composed adjective
[UK: self kəm.ˈpəʊzd] [US: ˈself kəmˈpoʊzd]

staid adjective
[UK: steɪd] [US: ˈsteɪd]


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