Hungarian-English dictionary » kibök meaning in English

kibök ige

blurt out verb
[UK: blɜːt ˈaʊt] [US: ˈblɝːt ˈaʊt]

ejaculate verb
[UK: ɪ.ˈdʒæ.kjʊ.leɪt] [US: ɪ.ˈdʒæ.kjuː.ˌlet]

jerk out verb
[UK: dʒɜːk ˈaʊt] [US: ˈdʒɝːk ˈaʊt]

peg verb
[UK: peɡ] [US: ˈpeɡ]

prick verb
[UK: prɪk] [US: ˈprɪk]

rap out verb
[UK: ræp ˈaʊt] [US: ˈræp ˈaʊt]

shoot (shot, shot) verb
[UK: ʃuːt ʃɒt ʃɒt] [US: ˈʃuːt ˈʃɑːt ˈʃɑːt]

kibök (szót) ige

heave (heaved hove, heaved hove) verb
[UK: hiːv hiːvd həʊv hiːvd həʊv] [US: ˈhiːv ˈhiːvd hoʊv ˈhiːvd hoʊv]

kibök (szót) (átv) ige

heave verb
[UK: hiːv] [US: ˈhiːv]

kiböki, ami a szívén fekszik (átv)

have one's say out[UK: həv wʌnz ˈseɪ ˈaʊt] [US: həv wʌnz ˈseɪ ˈaʊt]

nevet kibök

heave a name[UK: hiːv ə ˈneɪm] [US: ˈhiːv ə ˈneɪm]

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