Hungarian-English dictionary » beijed meaning in English

beijed ige

get into a flap verb
[UK: ˈɡet ˈɪn.tə ə flæp] [US: ˈɡet ˌɪn.ˈtuː ə ˈflæp]

get the wind up verb
[UK: ˈɡet ðə wɪnd ʌp] [US: ˈɡet ðə wɪnd ʌp]

beijed biz ige

chicken out verb

beijed (átv) ige

be in a flap verb
[UK: bi ɪn ə flæp] [US: bi ɪn ə ˈflæp]

beijedős melléknév

scary adjective
[UK: ˈskeə.ri] [US: ˈske.ri]

beijedős ember főnév

quitter noun
[UK: ˈkwɪ.tə(r)] [US: ˈkwɪ.tər]


funker adjective
[UK: ˈfʌŋkə ] [US: ˈfʌŋkər ]

funky adjective
[UK: ˈfʌŋk.i] [US: ˈfʌŋk.i]

have the willies adjective
[UK: həv ðə ˈwɪ.lɪz] [US: həv ðə ˈwɪ.lɪz]

have the wind up verb
[UK: həv ðə wɪnd ʌp] [US: həv ðə wɪnd ʌp]

scary adjective
[UK: ˈskeə.ri] [US: ˈske.ri]

beijedt (átv) melléknév

be in a flap adjective
[UK: bi ɪn ə flæp] [US: bi ɪn ə ˈflæp]

beijedtség főnév

butterflies in one's stomach noun
[UK: ˈbʌt.ə.flaɪz ɪn wʌnz ˈstʌ.mək] [US: ˈbʌt.r̩.flaɪz ɪn wʌnz ˈstʌ.mək]

weak-kneedness noun
[UK: wiːk] [US: ˈwiːk]

igen beijedve

in a blue funk[UK: ɪn ə bluː fʌŋk] [US: ɪn ə ˈbluː ˈfəŋk]

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