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to be meaning in Latin

to be accustomed verb

sueo [suere, suevi, -] verb

to be added/joined adjective

addendus [addenda, addendum] adjective

to be avoided adjective

vitabilis [vitabilis, vitabile] adjective

to be pending verb

adpendeo [adpendere, adpendi, -] verb

appendeo [appendere, appendi, -] verb

to be sure, certainly conjunction

enimvero conjunction

to become evening, grow towards evening verb

vesperasct [vesperascere, -, -] verb
(3rd) IMPERS

to begin with adverb

primitus adverb

(rarely) liable to be changed adjective

immutabilis [immutabilis, immutabile] adjective

inmutabilis [inmutabilis, inmutabile] adjective

ability to be know/understood/recognized noun

cognoscibilitas [cognoscibilitatis] noun
(3rd) F

ability to bear/endure pain/adversity noun

tolerantia [tolerantiae] noun
(1st) F

able to be added to adjective

annumerabilis [annumerabilis, annumerabile] adjective

able to be fattened (animals) adjective

alibilis [alibile, alibilior -or -us, alibilissimus -a -um] adjective

able to be formed adjective

formabilis [formabilis, formabile] adjective

able to be overcome adjective

exsuperabilis [exsuperabilis, exsuperabile] adjective

exuperabilis [exuperabilis, exuperabile] adjective

able to be propitiated/appeased adjective

propitabilis [propitabilis, propitabile] adjective

able to be seen adjective

spectabilis [spectabilis, spectabile] adjective

able to be tamed adjective

domabilis [domabilis, domabile] adjective

able to be touched adjective

tactilis [tactilis, tactile] adjective

able to be trod upon adjective

calcabilis [calcabilis, calcabile] adjective

able to be withstood adjective

tolerabilis [tolerabile, tolerabilior -or -us, tolerabilissimus -a -um] adjective

about to be adjective

futurus [futura, futurum] adjective

about to be born/come into being adjective

nasciturus [nascitura, nasciturum] adjective

allotment for weaving, wool given to be spun/woven noun

pensum [pensi] noun
(2nd) N

as to be out of tune, discordantly adverb

absurde adverb

apsurde adverb

awesome, awe inspiring, that is to be regarded with awe or reverence adjective

verendus [verenda, verendum] adjective

bath money, piece of money to be paid for bath noun

balineaticum [balineatici] noun
(2nd) N

balneaticum [balneatici] noun
(2nd) N

be called, be named, be reputed/spoken of/said to be verb

clueo [cluere, -, -] verb

clueor [clueri, -] verb
(2nd) DEP

cluo [cluere, -, -] verb

begin to be light verb

elucesco [elucescere, -, -] verb

behead, cause to be beheaded verb

decollo [decollare, decollavi, decollatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

believed to be hybrid from lion and panther noun

leopardalis [leopardalis] noun
(3rd) M

leopardus [leopardi] noun
(2nd) M

capable of/susceptible to being obliterated/blotted out/destroyed adjective

delebilis [delebilis, delebile] adjective

cause to be broken against, crush/strike/break against verb

adfrango [adfrangere, -, -] verb
(3rd) TRANS


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