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ore meaning in Latin

ore noun

minerale [mineralis] noun
(3rd) N

oregano noun

origanum [origani] noun
(2nd) N

Orestes noun

Orestes [Orestis] noun
(3rd) M

or even, in deed adverb

vel adverb

(foreign) traveler noun

peregrinans [peregrinantis] noun
(3rd) M

(frequent in Cicero and before conjunction

tum conjunction

7th month before Caesar, 9th after noun

September [Septembris] noun
(3rd) M

8th month before Caesar, 10 th after noun

October [Octobris] noun
(3rd) M

9th month before Caesar, 11th after noun

November [Novembris] noun
(3rd) M

a dark-colored fish, the wrasse noun

merula [merulae] noun
(1st) F

abbrochment, forestalling market/fair (buying before fair then retailing OED) noun

abbrocamentum [abbrocamenti] noun
(2nd) N

above/before all adverb

potissime adverb

potissimum adverb

potissume adverb

potissumum adverb

actor who wore no shoes noun

planipes [planipedis] noun
(3rd) M

adore, revere, do homage to, honor, venerate verb

venero [venerare, veneravi, veneratus] verb

veneror [venerari, veneratus sum] verb
(1st) DEP

adorn/decorate w/colored designs verb

pingo [pingere, pinxi, pictus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

aid before verb

praejuvo [praejuvare, praejuvavi, praejuvatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

amaranth (imaginary flower said never to fade)/(ornamental w/colored leaves) noun

amarantus [amaranti] noun
(2nd) M

amber-colored adjective

electrinus [electrina, electrinum] adjective

amber-colored gem noun

chryselectros [chryselectri] noun

amber-colored jacinth/hyacinth-stone? noun

chryselectrus [chryselectri] noun
(2nd) F

ancestor, forefather noun

abavus [abavi] noun
(2nd) M

atavus [atavi] noun
(2nd) M

ancestors (pl.), forefathers, predecessors, people of an earlier time noun

prior [prioris] noun
(3rd) M

ancients (pl.), men of old, forefathers noun

vetus [veteris] noun
(3rd) M

and also, besides/furthermore, in addition/as well conjunction

etiam conjunction

and moreover/even conjunction

atque conjunction

and so, therefore conjunction

itaque conjunction

another gold-colored gem noun

chrysites [chrysitae] noun

anticipate, forestall verb

antevenio [antevenire, anteveni, anteventus] verb

anticipate/forestall verb

praevenio [praevenire, praeveni, praeventus] verb

antiques store noun

palaeopolium [palaeopolii] noun
(2nd) N

any longer/further/more (w/negative) adverb

diu [diutius, diutissime] adverb

appear, spring/rise up before verb

oborior [oboriri, obortus sum] verb
(4th) DEP

appear before verb

adsisto [adsistere, adstiti, adstatus] verb

assisto [assistere, asstiti, asstatus] verb

appear before one verb

obversor [obversari, obversatus sum] verb
(1st) DEP


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