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lone meaning in Latin

lonely adjective

solus [sola, solum (gen -ius)] adjective

lonely/solitary places noun

avium [avii] noun
(2nd) N

alone, a single/sole adjective

unus [una, unum (gen -ius)] adjective

alone, having no companion/friend/protector adjective

solus [sola, solum (gen -ius)] adjective

alone, unique adjective

singularis [singularis, singulare] adjective

clone noun

clon [clonis] noun
(3rd) M

clone verb

clonizo [clonizare, clonizavi, clonizatus] verb

colonel noun

colonellus [colonelli] noun
(2nd) M

leave alone/without verb

desolo [desolare, desolavi, desolatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

live alone verb

secubo [secubare, secubui, -] verb

only/alone, and no other/nowhere else adverb

demum adverb

demus adverb

only/just/merely/barely/alone adverb

solum adverb

solummodo adverb

person living alone noun

solitarius [solitarii] noun
(2nd) M

quite alone adjective

persolus [persola, persolum] adjective

remote/secluded/lonely/unfrequented/out-of-way parts/places (pl.) noun

devium [devii] noun
(2nd) N

sleep alone verb

secubo [secubare, secubui, -] verb

solitary, lonely adjective

solivagus [solivaga, solivagum] adjective

solitary/lonely adjective

desertus [deserta -um, desertior -or -us, desertissimus -a -um] adjective

solitude, loneliness noun

solitudo [solitudinis] noun
(3rd) F

that makes lonely/desolate noun

desolator [desolatoris] noun
(3rd) M

that makes lonely/desolate adjective

desolatorius [desolatoria, desolatorium] adjective

typhoon/cyclone noun

typhon [typhonis] noun
(3rd) M

wandering alone adjective

solivagus [solivaga, solivagum] adjective

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