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aqu meaning in Latin

aquatic, of/belonging to the water, growing/living in/by water adjective

aquaticus [aquatica, aquaticum] adjective

aquatic (animals/plants) adjective

aquatilis [aquatilis, aquatile] adjective

aquatic animals/plants (pl.) noun

aquatile [aquatilis] noun
(3rd) N

aquatic bird (unidentified) noun

cerceris [cerceriis] noun
(3rd) F

aquatic plant noun

conferva [confervae] noun
(1st) F

aquatic plant, water plantain (Alisma plantago) noun

alisma [alismatis] noun
(3rd) N

aqueduct noun

aquaductus [aquaductus] noun
(4th) M

aquaeductus [aquaeductus] noun
(4th) M

aqueduct, conveyer of water noun

aquagium [aquagi(i)] noun
(2nd) N

aqueous adjective

aqueus [aquea, aqueum] adjective

aqueous solution, mixture with water noun

aquatum [aquati] noun
(2nd) N

Aquileia noun

Aquileia [Aquileiae] noun
(1st) F


Aquilius [Aquili] noun
(2nd) M

Aquilius [Aquilia, Aquilium] adjective

Aquitania, one of the divisions of Gaul/France (southwest) noun

Aquitania [Aquitaniae] noun
(1st) F

(collective term) various grass/rush-like aquatic plants noun

ulva [ulvae] noun
(1st) F

basic concept of St. Thomas Aquinas noun

ens [entis] noun
(3rd) N

Bituriges (pl.), a people of SW Gaul, Aquitania - in Caesar's "Gallic War" noun

Biturig [Biturigis] noun
(3rd) M

claqueur (theater) (L+S) noun

conquistor [conquistoris] noun
(3rd) M

cormorant (w/aquaticus) noun

corvus [corvi] noun
(2nd) M

leviathan, huge aquatic monster (Hebrew) noun

leviathan [undeclined] noun

murky/foggy/clouded/opaque adjective

turbidus [turbida, turbidum] adjective

of aqua Virgo adjective

virgineus [virginea, virgineum] adjective

virginius [virginia, virginium] adjective

of Aquitania (southwest Gaul/France) adjective

Aquitanus [Aquitana, Aquitanum] adjective

of/named after Aquilius

Aquilius [Aquili] noun
(2nd) M

Aquilius [Aquilia, Aquilium] adjective

opaque adjective

opacus [opaca, opacum] adjective

plant (called aquifolia in pure Latin L+S) noun

crataegos [crataegi] noun

plant called aquifolia in pure Latin (L+S) noun

crataegon [crataegonis] noun
(3rd) M

turning of water against (w/aqua) (undermining land) noun

controversia [controversiae] noun
(1st) F

white opaque spot on the eye noun

albugo [albuginis] noun
(3rd) F

|castle/reservoir (where water from aqueduct is collected for distribution) noun

castellum [castelli] noun
(2nd) N

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