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make up for meaning in Hungarian

make up for verb
[UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp fɔː(r)]
[US: ˈmeɪk ʌp ˈfɔːr]

pótol◼◼◼ ige

bepótol◼◼◻ ige

behoz◼◼◻ ige

make up for lost time [UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp fɔː(r) lɒst ˈtaɪm]
[US: ˈmeɪk ʌp ˈfɔːr ˈlɒst ˈtaɪm]

pótolja az elveszett időt◼◼◼

make up for sg verb

utánapótol ige

make up for something verb
[UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp fɔː(r) ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]
[US: ˈmeɪk ʌp ˈfɔːr ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

pótol (vmit)◼◼◼ ige

kárpótol (vmiért)◼◼◻ ige

behoz (vmit) ige

make up for the want of something [UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp fɔː(r) ðə wɒnt əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]
[US: ˈmeɪk ʌp ˈfɔːr ðə ˈwɑːnt əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

pótolja (vmnek) a hiányát

to make up for


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