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letelepszik ige

absquatulate verb
[UK: əbskwˈɒtʃʊlˌeɪt] [US: əbskwˈɑːtʃʊlˌeɪt]

locate verb
[UK: ləʊˈk.eɪt] [US: loʊˈk.eɪt]

nest verb
[UK: nest] [US: ˈnest]

perch verb
[UK: pɜːtʃ] [US: ˈpɝːtʃ]

plank oneself down verb
[UK: plæŋk wʌn.ˈself daʊn] [US: ˈplæŋk wʌn.ˈself ˈdaʊn]

seat oneself verb
[UK: siːt wʌn.ˈself] [US: ˈsiːt wʌn.ˈself]

set up house verb
[UK: set ʌp ˈhaʊs] [US: ˈset ʌp ˈhaʊs]

settle down verb
[UK: ˈset.l̩ daʊn] [US: ˈset.l̩ ˈdaʊn]

sit down verb
[UK: sɪt daʊn] [US: ˈsɪt ˈdaʊn]

take up one's residence verb
[UK: teɪk ʌp wʌnz ˈre.zɪ.dəns] [US: ˈteɪk ʌp wʌnz ˈre.zə.dəns]

letelepszik (vhol) ige

fix verb
[UK: fɪks] [US: ˈfɪks]

letelepszik egy karosszékbe

settle in an armchair[UK: ˈset.l̩ ɪn ən ˈɑːm.tʃeə(r)] [US: ˈset.l̩ ɪn ˈæn ˈɑːrm.ˌtʃer]

letelepszik valahol

make one's home somewhere[UK: ˈmeɪk wʌnz həʊm ˈsʌm.weə(r)] [US: ˈmeɪk wʌnz hoʊm ˈsʌˌm.wer]

letelepszik vhol

set up one's abode somewhere[UK: set ʌp wʌnz ə.ˈbəʊd ˈsʌm.weə(r)] [US: ˈset ʌp wʌnz əˈboʊd ˈsʌˌm.wer]

kényelmesen letelepszik ige

nestle verb
[UK: ˈnes.l̩] [US: ˈnes.l̩]

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