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hanyatló melléknév

declining◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: dɪ.ˈklaɪn.ɪŋ] [US: dɪ.ˈklaɪn.ɪŋ]

decaying◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: dɪˈk.eɪ.ɪŋ] [US: dəˈk.eɪ.ɪŋ]

decadent◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈdek.ə.dənt] [US: ˈdek.ə.dənt]

ebbing◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈeb.ɪŋ] [US: ˈeb.ɪŋ]

failing◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈfeɪl.ɪŋ] [US: ˈfeɪl.ɪŋ]

falling off adjective

retrograde adjective
[UK: ˈre.trə.ɡreɪd] [US: ˈre.trə.ˌɡred]

retrogressive adjective
[UK: ˌre.trə.ˈɡre.sɪv] [US: ˌre.trə.ˈɡre.sɪv]

hanyatló hatalom

waning power[UK: ˈweɪn.ɪŋ ˈpaʊə(r)] [US: ˈweɪn.ɪŋ ˈpaʊər]


on the down-grade[UK: ɒn ðə daʊn ɡreɪd] [US: ɑːn ðə ˈdaʊn ˈɡreɪd]

hanyatlóban van

be at a low ebb[UK: bi ət ə ləʊ eb] [US: bi ət ə ˈloʊ ˈeb]

be in eclipse[UK: bi ɪn ɪ.ˈklɪps] [US: bi ɪn ɪ.ˈklɪps]

be on the wane[UK: bi ɒn ðə weɪn] [US: bi ɑːn ðə ˈweɪn]

hanyatlóban van (átv)

be on the decline[UK: bi ɒn ðə dɪ.ˈklaɪn] [US: bi ɑːn ðə dɪ.ˈklaɪn]

be slipping[UK: bi ˈslɪp.ɪŋ] [US: bi sˈlɪp.ɪŋ]

hanyatlófélben levő ember

down-going man[UK: daʊn ˈgəʊɪŋ mæn ] [US: daʊn ˈgoʊɪŋ mæn ]

csillaga lehanyatlóban van (átv)

his star is on the wane[UK: hɪz stɑː(r) ɪz ɒn ðə weɪn] [US: ˈhɪz ˈstɑːr ˈɪz ɑːn ðə ˈweɪn]

dicsősége lehanyatlóban van

his glory is waning[UK: hɪz ˈɡlɔːr.i ɪz ˈweɪn.ɪŋ] [US: ˈhɪz ˈɡlɔːr.i ˈɪz ˈweɪn.ɪŋ]

lehanyatló (átv)

setting[UK: ˈset.ɪŋ] [US: ˈset.ɪŋ]

szerencsecsillaga hanyatlóban van

his star is on the wane[UK: hɪz stɑː(r) ɪz ɒn ðə weɪn] [US: ˈhɪz ˈstɑːr ˈɪz ɑːn ðə ˈweɪn]

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