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shadow jelentése latinul

shadow noun

umbra [umbrae] noun
(1st) F

shadowless adjective

ascius [ascia, ascium] adjective

shadowy adjective

nigrans [(gen.), nigrantis] adjective

cast a shadow verb

inumbro [inumbrare, inumbravi, inumbratus] verb

cast a shadow on, shade verb

umbro [umbrare, umbravi, umbratus] verb

cloud/shadow adjective

densus [densa -um, densior -or -us, densissimus -a -um] adjective

dusky, shadowy, only faintly/dimly seen adjective

obscurus [obscura -um, obscurior -or -us, obscurissimus -a -um] adjective

in shadowy form adverb

adumbratim adverb

insubstantial, shadowy adjective

monogrammos [monogrammos, monogrammon] adjective

monogrammus [monogramma, monogrammum] adjective

marking time by shadows of stakes (L+S) noun

deplatio [deplationis] noun
(3rd) F

occurrence foreshadowing future events, portent noun

ostentum [ostenti] noun
(2nd) N

overshadow, darken verb

obumbro [obumbrare, obumbravi, obumbratus] verb

people (pl.) on other side of equator with shadows in the opposite direction noun

antiscius [antiscii] noun
(2nd) M

shade, overshadow verb

opaco [opacare, opacavi, opacatus] verb

shady, shadowy adjective

umbrosus [umbrosa, umbrosum] adjective

sketchy, shadowy, unsubstantial, obscure adjective

adumbratus [adumbrata, adumbratum] adjective

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