angielsko-Dothraki słownik » ten w języku Dothraki

ten noun

thi noun

tent noun

okre noun

a dessert made from thagwa|thagwa and eaten with dried fruit noun

thagwash noun

can (assigns present tense) verb

laz verb

could (assigns past tense) verb

laz verb

hi (a shortened version of 'm'athchomaroon') interjection

m'ach interjection

m'ath interjection

northeastener noun

valshtithak noun

not, no; a shortened variant of 'vos', that may be used when the next word starts with a consonant. adverb

vo adverb

rotten adjective

rikh adjective

Stand up! (shortening of akkovarat|akkovaras; used to command animals) interjection

Akko! interjection

Stay! (shortening of vikovarerat|vikovareras; used to command animals) interjection

Reri! interjection

to be intented for, to be for verb

movekkhat verb

to frighten verb

arrokhat verb

to have, perfect tense introduction verb

ray verb

to kill (chiefly when done intentionally by a person) verb

addrivat verb

to listen verb

charolat verb

Watch! (shortening of vitihirat|vitihiras; used to command animals) interjection

Hiri! interjection

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