венгерский-английский словарь » szorítkozik meaning in английский

szorítkozik ige

be restricted to◼◼◼ verb
[UK: bi rɪ.ˈstrɪk.tɪd tuː] [US: bi ri.ˈstrɪk.təd ˈtuː]

be confined◼◼◻ verb
[UK: bi kən.ˈfaɪnd] [US: bi kən.ˈfaɪnd]

come down verb
[UK: kʌm daʊn] [US: ˈkəm ˈdaʊn]

confine oneself to verb
[UK: kən.ˈfaɪn wʌn.ˈself tuː] [US: kən.ˈfaɪn wʌn.ˈself ˈtuː]

content oneself with verb
[UK: kən.ˈtent wʌn.ˈself wɪð] [US: ˈkɑːn.tent wʌn.ˈself wɪθ]

fall back upon verb
[UK: fɔːl ˈbæk ə.ˈpɒn] [US: ˈfɑːl ˈbæk ə.ˈpɑːn]

limit oneself to verb
[UK: ˈlɪ.mɪt wʌn.ˈself tuː] [US: ˈlɪ.mət wʌn.ˈself ˈtuː]

szorítkozik (vmre) ige

be confined to something[UK: bi kən.ˈfaɪnd tuː ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: bi kən.ˈfaɪnd ˈtuː ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

be limited to something[UK: bi ˈlɪ.mɪ.tɪd tuː ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: bi ˈlɪ.mə.təd ˈtuː ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

confine oneself to something[UK: kən.ˈfaɪn wʌn.ˈself tuː ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: kən.ˈfaɪn wʌn.ˈself ˈtuː ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

restrict oneself to verb
[UK: rɪ.ˈstrɪkt wʌn.ˈself tuː] [US: ri.ˈstrɪkt wʌn.ˈself ˈtuː]

tényekre szorítkozik

confine oneself to facts[UK: kən.ˈfaɪn wʌn.ˈself tuː fækts] [US: kən.ˈfaɪn wʌn.ˈself ˈtuː ˈfækts]

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