венгерский-английский словарь » mellékút meaning in английский

mellékút főnév

byway◼◼◼ noun
[UK: ˈbaɪ.weɪ] [US: ˈbaɪ.ˌwe]

by-road◼◼◻ noun
[UK: baɪ rəʊd] [US: baɪ roʊd]

bypass◼◼◻ noun
[UK: ˈbaɪ.pɑːs] [US: ˈbaɪ.ˌpæs]

cross-road◼◼◻ noun
[UK: ˈkrɒs rəʊd] [US: ˈkrɑːs roʊd]

crossroads◼◼◻ noun
[UK: ˈkrɒ.srəʊdz] [US: ˈkrɒsroʊdz]

minor road◼◼◻ noun
[UK: ˈmaɪ.nə(r) rəʊd] [US: ˈmaɪ.nər roʊd]

side-road◼◼◻ noun
[UK: saɪd rəʊd] [US: ˈsaɪd roʊd]

backway noun
[UK: bˈakweɪ] [US: bˈækweɪ]

by-pass noun
[UK: baɪ pɑːs] [US: baɪ ˈpæs]

by-pass road noun
[UK: baɪ pɑːs rəʊd] [US: baɪ ˈpæs roʊd]

byroad noun
[UK: ˈbaɪ.rəʊd] [US: ˈbaɪroʊd]

feeder noun
[UK: ˈfiː.də(r)] [US: ˈfiː.dər]

off road noun
[UK: ɒf rəʊd] [US: ˈɒf roʊd]

mellékútvonal főnév

minor road noun
[UK: ˈmaɪ.nə(r) rəʊd] [US: ˈmaɪ.nər roʊd]

secondary road noun

turn-off noun
[UK: tɜːn ɒf] [US: ˈtɝːn ˈɒf]

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